Thermoforming solenoidal

For the welding of the blister we have no 2 welders (a roundabout) at high frequency and No 3 welders warm.

Or, as an alternative to welding, we have also n. 2 machines for valve flap.

We can get products obtainable with a coil thickness for up to 2 mm. :

  • Thermoformed interior box : are used to keep a firm within a box (for example,chocolates, toys, small appliances, perfumes, etc..)
  • Blister: type of packaging used by the very large retailers, as it allows the user to view the object while being hermetically sealed inside the packaging. It also allows you to be hung in some cases, through the appropriate broches. Furthermore, especially for small objects, increases the size decreasing accordingly theft.
  • Cases with closure to fit various sized objects for containment
  • Trays to be missed for a variety of uses
  • Trays for food or other